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Page 19: How Much Candy is Too Much Candy?

On Halloween, I started to think “How much candy is too much candy?” No one has ever told me how much candy is okay, and when it crosses the line. I know that everyone is going to have a different amount of candy that they can withstand, depending on how much you weigh, how old you are,what your stomach is like, your current health condition, and how active you are. I know that when I eat about a bowl and a half of ice cream (which I  almost NEVER eat) I began to get queasy. Some of my friends can have 10 chocolate bars and not feel any bit different, but your body IS different when you do that. All of that fat and sugar is going to give you a “Sugar Rush” at first, but then you are going to crash. Wouldn’t you rather have an apple or grapes, and get real energy?? 

What I’m trying to say is that when your body sends you signs like a sour tummy, or whatever your body does, listen to it and stop what your doing or eating. It’s probably telling you that it doesn’t like it. It’s like when you are tired you go to sleep. When your stomach hurts when you are on your 1st candy bar: STOP!

“You can only improve!!”

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Page 18: HALLOWEEN!!!

Halloween is coming, it’s sneaking up like a black cat! What does everyone think when they think of Halloween??? CANDY!! I have to admit, who wants to go to a house that doesn’t give out candy!?! But have you ever thought of giving out your spare change?? Well here is a list of possible things to give out besides candy!!

1. Spare change!!

2. Pencils and pens!!

3. Dried fruit!!

4. Spider rings!!

5. Balloons!!


I know some of you just want to give out candy!! Well if you let the kids pick the candy, tell them NOT TO TAKE TOO MANY!! I f you give it out, give them 2 pieces!! Think in MODERATION! When you go out trick or treating, leave the pillow cases at HOME!!! Pillow cases are for pillows, not candy! (Don’t even THINK about trash bags!) Try maybe a small or medium sized cloth or paper bag. Don’t go big.


a) Have your parents check ALL your candy!

b) You may get spooked!! 😦

“You can only improve!!”

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