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Page 16: Calcium!

Calcium is a vital part in your diet. Without calcium, your bones will be weak, and prone to breaking. Calcium can be found in many foods, even Pizza! If you would like a list of calcium rich foods, go to Vaughns/Calcium

An average person needs about 1000 mg ( milligrams) of calcium everyday. The website above tells how much calcium each food has. A great and easy way to get calcium is to drink lots of milk. If you have a glass of milk everyday for breakfast, you have started your day off right. Calcium also helps your bones stay stronger, without enough calcium, you have a higher chance of getting Osteoporosis ( a disease that you get when you lack calcium that makes your bones weak and easily breakable and easily fractured) Osteoporosis will prevent you from getting exercise from certain sports, exercise you need, so get enough calcium!!!

“You can only improve!!”