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Page 17: My Classroom Visit!

This Thursday I got to do a presentation about obesity for my 7th grade Language Arts and Social Studies Class. I had so much fun being able to talk to my peers about what I do in my community and with the Alliance, and how I feel about it! I came up with the idea of giving a presentation after my friends Marin and Kienna and Desiree made a presentation on Proposition 2. I felt that it was a way for me to be able to get my idea off in a fun way!

In my presentation I explained about what I do for the Alliance, and why it is important. Specifically, I talked about obesity statistics and ways you can prevent obesity. I thought that giving statistics about obesity would be the best way for all of my peers to understand the extent of the problem.

I got to do 2 activities with my classmates. First, we all got into groups of 4, and I chose 1 person from each group who pretended to be obese. Then we counted how many “obese” kids there were in our class. Finally, I gave each table a question about obesity, and whoever answered it correctly got a jump rope!

For those of you teachers that are reading this, it’s a really easy activity, and it can be done in 10 minutes. PLEASE take the time to do this, your students will benefit! 

“You can only improve!!”

P.S. Thanks Marin, Kienna, and Dessire! 🙂