Page 18: HALLOWEEN!!!

Halloween is coming, it’s sneaking up like a black cat! What does everyone think when they think of Halloween??? CANDY!! I have to admit, who wants to go to a house that doesn’t give out candy!?! But have you ever thought of giving out your spare change?? Well here is a list of possible things to give out besides candy!!

1. Spare change!!

2. Pencils and pens!!

3. Dried fruit!!

4. Spider rings!!

5. Balloons!!


I know some of you just want to give out candy!! Well if you let the kids pick the candy, tell them NOT TO TAKE TOO MANY!! I f you give it out, give them 2 pieces!! Think in MODERATION! When you go out trick or treating, leave the pillow cases at HOME!!! Pillow cases are for pillows, not candy! (Don’t even THINK about trash bags!) Try maybe a small or medium sized cloth or paper bag. Don’t go big.


a) Have your parents check ALL your candy!

b) You may get spooked!! 😦

“You can only improve!!”

P.S. Sorry I haven’t posted a lot, school and sports keep me busy, keep reading though, and tell your friends! 🙂


Page 17: My Classroom Visit!

This Thursday I got to do a presentation about obesity for my 7th grade Language Arts and Social Studies Class. I had so much fun being able to talk to my peers about what I do in my community and with the Alliance, and how I feel about it! I came up with the idea of giving a presentation after my friends Marin and Kienna and Desiree made a presentation on Proposition 2. I felt that it was a way for me to be able to get my idea off in a fun way!

In my presentation I explained about what I do for the Alliance, and why it is important. Specifically, I talked about obesity statistics and ways you can prevent obesity. I thought that giving statistics about obesity would be the best way for all of my peers to understand the extent of the problem.

I got to do 2 activities with my classmates. First, we all got into groups of 4, and I chose 1 person from each group who pretended to be obese. Then we counted how many “obese” kids there were in our class. Finally, I gave each table a question about obesity, and whoever answered it correctly got a jump rope!

For those of you teachers that are reading this, it’s a really easy activity, and it can be done in 10 minutes. PLEASE take the time to do this, your students will benefit! 

“You can only improve!!”

P.S. Thanks Marin, Kienna, and Dessire! 🙂

Page 16: Calcium!

Calcium is a vital part in your diet. Without calcium, your bones will be weak, and prone to breaking. Calcium can be found in many foods, even Pizza! If you would like a list of calcium rich foods, go to Vaughns/Calcium

An average person needs about 1000 mg ( milligrams) of calcium everyday. The website above tells how much calcium each food has. A great and easy way to get calcium is to drink lots of milk. If you have a glass of milk everyday for breakfast, you have started your day off right. Calcium also helps your bones stay stronger, without enough calcium, you have a higher chance of getting Osteoporosis ( a disease that you get when you lack calcium that makes your bones weak and easily breakable and easily fractured) Osteoporosis will prevent you from getting exercise from certain sports, exercise you need, so get enough calcium!!!

“You can only improve!!”


Page 15: Sickness!

School can be so overwhelming at times. Kids get sick every other week because they are pickin’ their nose, or biting their nails. But a good way to have a healthy immune system is to have a healthy diet. When you eat more fruits and veggies, they give you more vitamins that help you stay happy and healthy! 🙂 If you feel like you’re not getting enough vitamins from fruits and veggies go and talk to your doctor about special vitamins ( that was just like a commercial, but it’s a good idea to get some good vitamins) 🙂 If you try eating more fruits and veggies I am sure that you won’t get sick as often!

“You can only improve!!”

P.S. It would help if you DIDN’T pick your nose or bite your nails! 🙂

Page 14: Rainy Days!

When it’s raining, it’s hard to get outside. So what I suggest is eating extra healthy things and walking around your house a lot. Also rainy days are a great time to get some needed cleaning done. That’s also a great way to get some exercise!! So be thankful for rainy days because you always need a change!

“You can only improve!!”

Page 13: McDonald’s!

When I was reading the marvelous book Chew On This by Eric Schlosser, and Charles Wilson, I learned that fast food companies like McDonald’s, and Taco Bell put their restaurants right across the street form schools. Kids after school would walk into to McDonald’s or Taco Bell, and get a Big Mac, or 3 Taco’s EVERY day! That is so unhealthy. I’m not saying that you can’t EVER eat fast food, but the less you eat it the healthier you will be!

I’m asking you a question right here and now, you don’t have to reply or answer to me, but just think about it! Have you ever seen a McDonald’s close? Truthfully?? I haven’t. 

“You can only improve!!”

P.S. Watch out for McDonald’s!!!!

Page 12: A Happier and Healthier You!

I have become a happier and a healthier person by playing basketball! It’s easy to get involved in, and it’s SO MUCH FUN!! I’ve made so many new friends, and I’m learning great skills that will keep me a happier and healthier person!!

I’ve also CUT DOW ON SCREEN TIME!! So, close my page, and turn off your computer and get OUTSIDE~or on a treadmill, whatever it is!! Come back tomorrow, and see what my next post is, but just get outside today!

“You can only improve!!”