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Page 14: Rainy Days!

When it’s raining, it’s hard to get outside. So what I suggest is eating extra healthy things and walking around your house a lot. Also rainy days are a great time to get some needed cleaning done. That’s also a great way to get some exercise!! So be thankful for rainy days because you always need a change!

“You can only improve!!”


Page 4: Getting Enough Physical Activity

Getting enough physical activity can be really hard, but it can also be super easy! If you can’t get outside because of bad weather, or dangerous neighborhoods, you can always do exercises inside, or go to the gym. My best advice it to try to be physically active for 30 minutes a day. You don’t have to do it all at one time, you can spread it out so you do 10 minutes, then take 10 minutes off, or whatever your schedule can accommodate.

A really easy and fun way to get active is to join a sports team. When you are playing outside with your friends, you are having fun AND getting healthy, you will also learn valuable team skills. All it takes is 30 minutes a day, and you will begin to feel healthier and happier immediately!

“You can only improve!!”