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Page 24: Sasha and Malia Letter

I just recently wrote a letter to Sasha and Malia Obama! Here it is!

Dear Sasha and Malia:

            Congratulations to your family!  Our family is very excited for your family, and for our country.  I volunteered for your dad’s campaign. This must be so exciting, but also a little scary. You will have to tell me all about the White House now that you have moved in. Is it so big that you get lost?

            My name is Natalie Smith. I live in Ventura, California (a tiny beach town close to L.A.).  I’m 12 years old and I attend Cabrillo Middle School. I am on the Alliance For A Healthier Generation Youth Advisory Board, which is in association with the Clinton Foundation. I know you want to hear all about my life (Ha-ha. As IF!)

            I’m writing to you to talk about obesity and the effects it has on children of every age. 25 million kids in America are obese; that is 1 out of every 4 kids. Obesity has terrible impacts on health, and long term, the implications for individuals and our country are very serious.  I think that you two could help reduce the number of obese children in America.  I have read that your family has very healthful habits: you eat well and you exercise. You two are now the biggest role models for kids in the U.S.  If you encouraged children to eat healthier and exercise more, they would.  I know that your Mom, especially, is interested in eating healthier and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She can influence other moms to adopt the same kinds of healthy habits your family has.

            I don’t know if this letter has made a light bulb in your head go on.  I hope you are as interested in this issue as I am! You might like to learn more about this issue, so here is the Alliance for a Healthier Generation website:; click on the Youth Movement tab.  You can also visit my blog, The 12 Year Old’s Guide to Ending Childhood Obesity, at  My blog can lead you to lots of other resources.

            I wish you the best in your new home – our nation’s First House! – and your new school.


           Natalie Smith

P.S. You HAVE to tell me what your puppy’s name will be. I LOVE dogs!  We have three.

“You can only improve!!”