Page 25: PSA Shoot With Sabrina Bryan!

Most of you guys know who Sabrina Bryan is~ a Cheetah Girl! Isaiah and I were very lucky to be able to do a PSA (Public Service Announcement!!) with her! Sabrina is really awesome and so down to earth. She just shot her last movie “One World” in India. She said it was a lot of fun there. The commercial should come on sometime soon!

Isaiah and I got to go to a middle school in downtown L.A. where Sabrina taught us, along with the middle school students, dance moves! (This was… um interesting for me because I am somewhat clumsy and definitely NOT a dancer!) Then we went to a studio to film the PSA with Sabrina. 

It was so cool being able to see how they filmed commercials! It is WAY different then I thought it was going to be. Overall the day was an eye-opener!

I am very appreciative to my Godparents, Barbara and Pete, for taking me all the way to LA! Thank you guys!

“You can only improve!!”


2 responses to “Page 25: PSA Shoot With Sabrina Bryan!

  1. luvfromtheheart

    wow so cool! I am a ballet dancer..i’d love to take a hip hop class! what kind of stuf did she teach you?

  2. she just taught us a whole dance routine!

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