Page 11: School Lunches

School has started, and it is time to start making those school lunches. While preparing your school lunches, questions about what you need, and how much to pack. I hope that some of the content in this article will help you. A few things you should always pack in your lunches are fruits and veggies, protein, and a fluid of some sort. Fruits and veggies help you maintain energy throughout the day, and are really tasty. Protein is also a great way of maintaining energy, and it helps you concentrate! But fluids are very important for your body to have. If you don’t have enough fluid, you won’t be able to function. 

Something that I love to have in my lunch is Cucumber Sandwiches! You can have them on white or wheat bread. You spread cream cheese on it, the you put thinly sliced cucumbers on top of that! They are DELICIOUS! I also like having soup, or spaghetti! If you are a picky eater, try the things that you are thinking of putting in your lunches over the weekend or as a snack. That way if you don’t like it you aren’t stuck at school with a lunch that you HATE! 

I ALWAYS bring a carrot and pretzel to school with me, they make a great during school and after school snack. A carrot and pretzel are also low maintenance. They are easy and cheap to get a hold of, and the carrots can even be grown at home.

I know that my blog is about obesity, but I wanted to put in a little something about the environment. If you get a lunch box, instead of using a paper bag everyday, you will be saving a LOT of paper, and you can reuse your plastic bags. That way you can save plastic to. 

Try some of my tips, I’m sure one of them will work for you!!


“You can only improve!!”



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