Page 10: My Top 10 Snacks ~ Healthy or NOT!!

As a celebration of my tenth post, I am going to list my favorite snacks ~ healthy or NOT!!! It’s normal to have favorite snacks that aren’t healthy, you just have to learn how to balance them with healthy ones. 

1. My FAVORITE snack EVER is a cucumber!! I will eat them ANY WAY you serve them to me. I LOVE them. I will eat them in a car, and I will eat them near and far. Just joking, but I will eat them in a car because they are easy to take with you when they are cut. I love eating cucumbers with lemon and salt on them. I also like cucumber sandwiches. You take some bread, then you put cream cheese on it with the cucumber’s skin peeled of. DELICIOUS!!!

2. The second best snack for me is a baked potato!!! People think that either potatoes are healthy, or they aren’t. But both of them are wrong!!! The potato itself is healthy, but the things that we put into it are not. We put in LOADS of butter, sour cream, bacon bits, salt, pepper, and LOTS of cheese. When I eat my potato, I  put in a little bit of butter, and salt. That’s it. Overall, it isn’t as bad as it could get. I just can’t stay away from them!! 

3. I am a big fan of corn, I even have a t-shirt that says so!! I love it with butter and salt. I know, not the healthiest way to eat it, but I love it!!!

4. A lovely, and tasty snack is Edamame Boiled Soy Beans. They are easy, and pretty quick to make, and they are SUPER yummy, and pretty healthy. It’s 120 calories per serving, and they have lots of different vitamins.

5. Another one of my favorite snacks is a plain old carrot!! I take a nice fresh crisp carrot, and take the skin off. I am not a big fan of the skin because it is dirty.  And, as most of you know, carrots are great for your eyes, and Bugs Bunny’s favorite!

6. High on my list are Oreo’s dipped in milk ~ sigh. I know, it isn’t healthy AT ALL, but I love them. You can’t have fun in life if you never have a treat, but you also can’t have fun if you never have a fruit or veggie. You just have to learn how to balance your snacks.

7. I love eating watermelon!!! It’s fun and a pretty easy snack to make. I think that it tastes like a candy would, or like a treat. All of the treat manufacturers try to make lollipops and hard candies after watermelon, so that is definitely a sign that it is tasty, and that many people like to eat it!

8. Very similar to watermelon is cantaloupe!! I also love that. I think that it tastes different, but good. Unlike watermelon, I don’t see many candies out there that taste like cantaloupe. 

9. I also like strawberries. I’ve always loved having farm fresh strawberries, which has always been a great privilege. What I mean by farm fresh, is that they were picked THAT DAY!!! They aren’t the kind of packaged strawberries you are going to find in the stores!!

10. I love a nice and simple apple. How easy is that??? Just rinse it off and chomp away!

Well I have gone through my top 10 snacks ~ healthy or NOT, I just have to have them ALL!!

“You can only improve!!”


One response to “Page 10: My Top 10 Snacks ~ Healthy or NOT!!

  1. carolineslunchbox

    I love your snack ideas, Natalie! My 2-year old daughter Caroline shares most of your favorites except for strawberries which she isn’t crazy about and Oreos dipped in milk which…I haven’t given her yet. But I know what you mean. I love Oreos too.

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