Page 9: Gardens

Taking the first step to starting a garden isn’t always easy. You have to go and drive to the nearest nursery or Lowes, then you have to go find the seeds, then you have to wait in the LONGEST line ever, then you have to prepare the spot you want to garden in.  It’s very overwhelming when you think of it this way, but if you think of the fun you can have, the work doesn’t seem so bad.  Planting the seeds or transplanting is always fun. Then you water, watch, and water some more. After you’ve planted the garden it all gets easier, and a lot more fun.  

When it’s time to harvest the garden – pick the vegetables – you are so ecstatic! You can’t wait to see how big the carrots look, and taste that crisp lettuce. So, you go and you start pulling out the plants, and then you find that a little gopher has eaten up the bottom of the lettuce and carrots. You are so BUMMED! What are you supposed to do now? Most people would throw in the towel at that point, but some would look at it a different way. They would be happy that the gopher had something to eat. Who knows, maybe the gopher has a family to support. I know that you would be disappointed, and you wouldn’t want it to happen again. But don’t go and call the pest dude. Just stay calm, and find a solution.

There are solutions to almost every problem in life. You just have to look around for them, and ask for help. If you have an annoying pest you can try a raised bed, a container garden, or put wire in the bottom of your garden bed. For help with gardening problems, there are always Master Gardeners, which I know about because my mom works with the program.  Just google Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners, and you’ll find the number for your community.  They don’t charge to answer gardening questions, because they are volunteers.

I know that starting and maintaining a garden can be a challenge, but gardening is super fun.  And the fruits and veggies are WAY better than the ones you are going to find in the store!

If you would like to get more information about gardens, go to Victory Grower.

“You can only improve!!”


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