Page 6: Books/Recipes

Some of my favorite dinners have been dinners that I have cooked with my family. Sometimes your parents will have really good family recipes, or you could look in a cookbook for some new tasty ones. Some of my favorite recipes come from the Rachel Ray magazines and cookbooks. I need something that I can understand and is fast to make. I also need something that has the ingredients that I will either have at home, or can easily get in the store. I think that she does a great job of coming up with good healthy recipes.

Another way that you can learn more about food and how they make it is by reading some informative books. One book that I read and absolutely loved was Chew On This by Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson. Eric Schlosser has also written Fast Food Nation, a great book that has gotten many raving reviews, that is the adult version of Chew On ThisChew On This talks about fast food. It is a marvelous book, and I really suggest reading it.

“You can only improve!!”


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