Page 3: Lunch Decisons

Lunch is usually the toughest meal of the day. You are either at work, school, or at home. Some of these thoughts might run through your head: “What if I don’t like what they are serving in the cafeteria???” “I am swamped! I’ll have to skip lunch.” I don’t want to go and cook!”. My advice is to just IGNORE those thoughts. 

Instead of eating a full on lunch, you could just eat an apple, or crackers. The problem with not eating lunch is HUGE!! If you don’t eat lunch, you will have a massive dinner, but what happens if you can’t have dinner?  You could really hurt yourself. So just have a healthy snack that will hold you over until a time that you can have a bigger meal. There are several different ways to solve the problem, you just have to find one that works for you!

“You can only improve!!”


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